How does EnviroPaving stand up in the winter?

The product has an excellent track record where temperature ranges vary from -50 celsius to +50 celsius in 7 Canadian provinces and several US States.  The products flexibility makes it an excellent candidate to replace or resurface areas that are prone to ice or compacted snow that causes slip and fall hazards.


Is it easy to shovel?

Yes, just like your tires are designed to shed snow and ice. So is Enviropaving. A plastic shovel is sufficient, but a snow blower is fine to use as well.


How do I clean my driveway?

Simply use a garden hose or a light pressure wash. Soaps and mild detergents are completely safe as well. If someone spills something that appears to stain the surface use your favorite tire cleaner.


Is there anything that can hurt my driveway?

Enviropaving driveways are extremely durable. Anything your tires can take your driveway can handle as far as chemicals, but there are a couple of things that can do some damage. Enviropaving driveways should not be cleaned with skid steers or bobcats. 


How long can I expect my Enviropaving surface to last?

Enviropaving surfaces are durable and meant to last a very long time. Unlike concrete or asphalt we offer a 5 year warranty.