5 year warranty

Enviropaving provides a full 5 Year Written Guarantee. If the surface cracks within 5 years of the job being done we will repair the failed area at no cost to you. How can we offer a 5 year guarantee?


1. Experience.  Enviropaving is the largest resurfacer of driveways, patios, sidewalks, play surfaces and industrial pathways in North America.  From humble beginnings of a single half ton truck and trailer we have grown to service more than 60 cities primarily on word of mouth and reputation.  If it is a residential or commercial project, we have probably installed hundreds of similar projects and know exactly how to complete the details that will make you proud of your new surface.


2. Training. We are committed to the training and development of our people - our managers are qualified to advise you regarding your resurfacing needs - from analyzing the breakdown of your existing driveway, sidewalks, steps or other areas; to recommending colours to suit your needs.


3. Systems. Our proven and tested pour-in-place system enables us to ensure quality down to the last detail.


4. Flexibility. We are very flexible when it comes to meeting your needs. We welcome projects that are being performed in tandem with major landscaping or renovation projects. By working with your landscape or renovation contractors we are almost always able to save you money as our product is much easier to work with than asphalt, paving stones or concrete. Reduced preparation time and ability to make change orders with ease reduces your costs and makes our quality of workmanship easier to warranty.


5. Improved Safety. We are also often able to improve the safety of your property by improving grip in snow, ice, and rain conditions and reducing slips and falls.


6. Quality of Product. Our customers often comment that our finished product looks like expensive finished pebbles. In fact, it is recycled tires that have been diligently shredded, recycled and reblended then applied to your driveway or surface area with our proprietary process to produce an environmentally friendly and incredibly strong product. The rubber we use was originally designed to withstand thousands of miles of wear and tear, so it stands up in even the harshest conditions of climate and use.